Sustainable operations

The course is a roadmap for implementing the principles of sustainable operations (procurement, distributions, manufacturing etc) in your company. It enables you to define the indicators in your organisation and define policy for the supply chain. The indicators such as climate change, human rights and others are considered while developing the sustainable operations matrix. The short term and long term financial implications of developing a sustainable supply chain in order to achieve a circular economy in your company can be measured in numbers and presented to the shareholders, investors and the board. This course would enable you to reach there.

27th June to 1st July 2022 - 7 pm to 9 pm IST

Course Fee - INR 9995/-

Course Curriculum

Session 1
  • What is Sustainable Operations? What is Sustainable Procurement?
  • Definition, International Agencies promoting, Closed loop supply chain
  • What is Circular Economy?
  • Existing Laws in India and Globally
  • International Frameworks - ISO24000, SDG 12, UNGM, BS 8903
  • Problem Statement
  • Presentation 1
  • Assessment 1
Session 2
  • How to get started with Sustainable Operations?
  • Building strategy, Policy development, Applications and stakeholder mapping
  • Defining Sustainable Operations Matrix
  • Presentation 2
  • Assessment 2
Session 3 - Roundtable with Thought Leaders
  • Companies working towards sustainable procurement
  • Companies coping with COVID19
  • Emission allocation for customers and sub contractors
  • Vendors and distributors supporting sustainable operations
  • Audit for sustainable procurement and distribution
  • Requirements from the vendors specified by the companies
  • Assessment 3
Session 4
  • Distribution and Vendor specification framework
  • Indicators for ideal distributor network for sustainable forward linkage
  • Indicators for ideal vendor network for sustainable backward linkage
  • 3 Case Studies in India and Internationally
  • Presentation 4
  • Video 4
  • Assessment 4
Session 5
  • Implementation Process of Sustainable Procurement Framework
  • Policy making
  • Define sustainable operations matrix
  • Distribution and vendor specification framework
  • Monitoring and Measurement - Circular Economy impact
  • Presentation 5
  • Video 5
  • Assessment 5

- Understand the concept of sustainable operations - procurements and distribution, circular economy

- International Frameworks

- Building Sustainable operations Matrix

- Distribution and Vendor specification framework

- Implementation and measurement


Large scale multi-nationals, MSMEs, Social entrepreneurs, students interested in increasing knowledge on sustainable development.

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