ESG Introduction to implementation

This course is developed for the people who would like to learn about ESG – Introduction to Implementation. It introduces you on the pathway to develop ESG Compliant company. The insights that investors would see and the way to reach the indicators.

Workshop Fee per attendee: $59.95 or INR 5000

Course Curriculum

Introduction to ESG
  • What is ESG?
  • Why is it required now?
  • Pros and Cons of ESG and International Trends
  • Presentation 1
  • Assessment 1
  • Video 1
ESG from Practitioners viewpoint
  • Need for ESG Practitioners
  • Responsibilities of ESG Practitioners
  • What is ESG compliant company?
  • Reading Material -Session 2
  • Reading Material -Session 2
  • Presentation - 2
  • Assessment 2
  • Video 2
Role of ESG Practitioners
  • ESG Strategist, Analyst, Auditor, Reporter, Implementer (Covered in Presentation 2)
Case studies of Business Transformations to ESG Compliant
  • 3 companies (Covered in Presentation 2)
Roundtable with Thought Leaders
  • How did we transform to ESG Compliant Company?
  • How do we invest in ESG Compliant company?
  • Assessment 3
  • Video 3
Problem Statement: Building ESG Compliant Company
  • Defining Norm - ESG Strategy
  • Finding Solutions - ESG Implementation
  • ESG Analysis and Report making
  • Presentation 3
  • Assessment 4
  • Video 4
Change Transformation tools
  • Task force for Climate related financial disclosure (TCFD) - Rate the raters by SustainAbility (ERM)
  • Climate change and Risk management
Brief on Indicators for ESG Ratings
  • Reference - Dow jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) or SASB
  • Assessment 5
  • Feedback Form
  • Video 5


- Basics of ESG
- Role of ESG Practitioners
- Pathway to build ESG compliant company

- Change Transformation tools

- Indicators on DJSI/SASB


- Corporate executives working in ESG
- Management Practitioners in Finance and Capital markets (Wealth advisors and managers, Investment bankers, buy- side or sell-side Financial Analysts, Research Analysts, Fund managers, bankers, risk and compliance officers, etc)
- CSR and Sustainability Manager to make social investment related decisions and sustainable strategy development
- Students interested in Sustainable Finance

Basics of ESG
Role of ESG Practitioners
Indicators on DJSI/SASB
Change transformation tools

About Trainers

Ms Ludivine Noirel, Founder and CEO Bridgeastern Capital Pvt Limited

Mr Abhishek Ranjan, Head Sustainability BRILLO

Mr Sumantra Sen, Director ESG and Climate Finance, GC Advisory

Dr Smriti Pahwa, Founder MOC mindset:
Mr Vidyanath Rangojoo, ESG Professional Ex Big 4

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this program for? What will it do for me?

This program is specially designed for anyone desirous of learning the basics of culinary definitions and getting an overview into various prevalent sectors of culinary in India and abroad, should undertake this program. Culinary Business Management Online Course is ideal for self-learners and distance education seekers. Those who know they are capable and know that they have a better career lying ahead in the Culinary Industry. This program is for them.

2. What If I am already a working professional? Should I still pursue this course?

Yes, you can still join the course and learn at your own pace. When you start the course and go through all the coaching materials, you gain new insights and learning. The principles that this course is based on is the fundament that anyone who is desirous of learning the basics of Culinary definitions and getting an overview into various prevalent sectors of Culinary business in India should undertake this program.

3. How is this course different to other online courses?

This course has been designed specifically to cater to the Culinary Business Enthusiasts. Those wishing to learn about the same need to go through this course to gain insights, explore case studies and strategies around the Culinary business market in India and abroad.

4. What kind of support is available via the Customer Support?

We have a robust team available for support whenever you need any assistance. Using award-winning Customer Support platform “Freshdesk”, Luxury Connect is able to provide unparalleled support catering each individual participant. Should you need any more details, we are always available [email protected].

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