Sustainable finance

- Basics of Sustainable finance

- ESG Risk management

- How to tackle greenwashing

- Tools for ESG investments

- Responsible banking practices

- Regulations and laws on Sustainable finance

- Decision making for sustainable finance

- Relevance of insurance to sustainable finance

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Course Curriculum

Introducing sustainable finance
  • What is sustainable finance?
  • The need for sustainable finance
  • Who are the Stakeholders?
  • Tackling the greenwashing challenges
  • Introduction to ESG risk management
  • Video Session 1
  • Presentation Session 1
Integrating ESG considerations into financial decision-making
  • Responsible banking and sustainable insurance
  • Responsible investing
  • Shareholders vs. Stakeholders
  • ESG Investment strategies
  • Video Session 2
  • Presentation session 2
Evolving regulatory and global standards driving the sustainable finance agenda
  • Evolving regulatory landscape
  • Overview of global standards
  • Integrated reporting and thinking
  • Video Session 3
  • Presentation session 3
Sustainable finance solutions
  • How is sustainable finance different from traditional financing?
  • Sustainable finance products in capital markets
  • Integrating sustainable linked decision making into credit decision making
  • Video Session 4
  • Presentation session 4
Leveraging sustainable finance to tackle climate changes
  • Emerging concept of transition finance and its potential contribution towards achieving net zero
  • Relevance of insurance to sustainable finance (e.g. CAT bonds, insurance pools, etc.)
  • Role of public financial institutions in channeling capital in driving sustainable finance growth
  • Video session 5
  • Presentation session 5
  • Module 1
  • Feedback form


- CXO, Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

- Sustainability, CSR and ESG Practitioners

- Researchers

- Academicians

Introduction to Sustainable finance
Integrating ESG
Tools for Sustainable finance
Key Stakeholders
Risk mitigation
Insurance for sustainable finance

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