Sustainability reporting

The course is designed to train people on methods of Sustainability reporting. It gives a brief about GRI, IR, BRSR, and materiality analysis. It also shows the perspective of a reporter and assessor of sustainability reporting. This course would give you the insight of the challenges and opportunities of Sustainability reporting and the key points to look at while doing the reporting.


Date: 11th to 15th April 2022

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm IST

Workshop Fee per attendee: $59.95 or INR 5000/-

Course Curriculum

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Session 1
  • What is Sustainability Reporting? Why is it required? When is it done and who does it?
  • Types of Sustainability reporting, Pros and Cons, Who reads it and key points considered?
  • Problem Statement and Group Formation
  • Video 1
Session 2
  • Tools for Sustainability Reporting Online and offline reporting tools, Preferred tools and reasons
  • Sustainability Reporting frameworks - BRSR Materiality Analysis
  • Video 2
Session 3 - Roundtable with Thought Leaders
  • What companies report? What investors and compliance officers see?
  • Evolving trends, Challenges and benefits
  • Video 3
Session 4
  • Sustainability Reporting frameworks - Global Reporting Indicators (GRI) Integrated Reporting (IR)
  • Technological tools
  • Video 4
Session 5
  • Group Discussion and Presentation - Video 5
  • Comprehensive course presentations
  • Assessment - Sustainability Reporting
  • Feedback


  • You would be empowered with insights of key points to look at in GRI, IR, BRSR and Materiality analysis.

  • It gives a thought process from the evaluators perspective.

  • In the wake of COVID19, the new tools evolved to do reporting are discussed.

  • Evolving trends in sustainability reporting are debated


Large scale multi-nationals, MSMEs, Social entrepreneurs, students interested in increasing knowledge on sustainable development.

Essentials of Sustainability Reporting
Materiality Analysis
Global Reporting indicators
Integrated Reporting
Real time project work


 Dr K K Upadhyay: 

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