Social Entrepreneurship

 Social Entrepreneurship has been reported to be the fastest growing sector and perhaps the only sector that is creating gainful employment worldwide. 

Entrepreneurial mindset recognises opportunities with applicability not only in setting up Social Enterprises but also in Responsible Sustainable Business practices interfacing with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs),  Government Organization (GO), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, etc. 

In this course Dr Smriti Pahwa demystifies Social Entrepreneurship conceptually & practically by distilling the information through an innovative, entrepreneurial and  optimistic mindset – The “MOC” Missed Opportunities Cognizant mindset!

Course schedule: 12th to 17th October 2020 - 2 hours per day

Recorded Course Fee - $59.95 or INR 5000/-

Course Curriculum

Social Entrepreneurship Overview
  • An overview session on the course; core concepts and expectations
  • Exploring SE through 360 dimensions What? Why? Who? How?
  • Assessment 1
  • Video 1
Business Plan
  • Build a social enterprise model with business plan and Assessment 2-A
  • Discussion on components of a business plan; analysis of plans and improvement areas
  • Assessment 2 - B
  • Video 2
Dynamics SE Investment
  • Role-play: Act like an investor and investee;
  • Understanding investment fundraising models; analysis of approaches and improvement areas
  • Assessment 3
  • Video 3
Marketing HR Fundraising
  • Build a social enterprise model with business plan
  • Role-play: Act like an investor and investee
  • Develop a plan to scale up your venture in different geographies
  • Develop a marketing, HR, fundraising model at different stages
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Assessment 4
  • Video 4
  • Video 5
  • Comprehensive Presentation

1. Gain an understanding of the concept and nuances around SE through diverse dimensions and lenses such as those of funders, evaluators, investors, regulators, implementers and thought leaders
2. Learn through the journey of Social entrepreneurs from case studies
3. Gain insights from thought leaders in the space.
4. Attain a reflective space to brainstorm and refine your own ideas and/or SE initiatives
5. Experience hands on work to refine SE ideas and plans by participating in the online workshop session to get started with transforming ideas into action.  

Students, CSO, CSR executives, Sustainability professionals  
Design thinking professionals, NGO professionals, Educators, Healthcare professionals 

Impact Investments
Social Entrepreneurs
Resource mobilization
Measure impact
Scale up your company
Implement sustainable projects.

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

Instant Access to the course -       pre-reading material

Course completion certificate post successful completion

Live interaction benefits via video and audio coaching from our expert

Community support and group learning experience with a vibrant group of like-minded students

Recorded Videos and presentations post the successful completion of the course

                                                                                           Course schedule: 12th to 17th October 2020 - 2 hours per day  

                                                                                                Early Bird Discount: 10% Valid till 20th September 2020

Recorded Course Fee - $59.95 or INR 5000/-

About Trainer 

Dr. Smriti Pahwa

Smriti holds a doctorate in Nutrition along with a degree in Education as well Management.  Since 2001 Smriti has worked across diverse sectors and operating systems enabling her to view the development landscape through the lens of a Researcher, Practitioner and a Policy Advocate. Smriti has conceptualised a mindset towards social impact - The "MOC" Missed Opportunities Cognizant mindset. 

 Her book: brings forth rich case studies from the various projects Smriti has led with insights of potential relevance to Social impact professionals, Social Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Planners, Funders; Donors, Philanthropists, HNIs, Design thinkers, Strategic investment advocates, Public Sector, Private, CSR -Sustainability as well as Non-profit sector professionals and last but not the least students. 

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