Future Focussed: Reporting and Measurement

21st to 26th September 2020

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Recorded Course Fee - INR 5000

Future Focussed: Reporting and Impact Measurement!

Investment in social causes will remain ironically inefficient unless social sector comes up with transparent ways to measure, monitor and report resource mobilization and impact.  Corporate Social Responsibility has become an important fragment of social development framework and business performance, globally and especially in an Emerging Market like India where it’s a legal compliance matter also. The landscape has evolved quite dramatically since last year in terms of the policy itself and its communication/reporting space. Strategic implementation and communication can help all stakeholders to overcome these times of the pandemic and recession, it’s imperative for us to understand CSR’s measurement and reporting from a more future-focused and sustainable point of view.

Course Duration: 2 hours per day for 5 days combined  

Live Interactions with Global Changemakers and Felicitation Ceremony


Course Curriculum

Social responsibility / CSR measurement: Presentations, Q
  • Social responsibility, CSR elements and indicators
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement and impact
CSR project identification and planning
  • Need assessments and baseline survey
  • Sustanable Development Goals
  • SDG India - Index
Roundtable with thought Leaders: New strategy and automation
  • Automating the implementation of Healthcare, Education, Livelihood Projects.
Group Discussions and Case studies: Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • GD:Indian and International Innovative Measurement Tools used from Self-assessment tools
  • case studies: Treeni, SUStainalytics, Truevalue, Reputex, FTSE4Good, NGRBC and BRR
  • National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC)
Workshop: Impact measurement and communication
  • How to implement Social Return on Investment?
  • Exercise in SROI in the project with pre-reading materials.
Pre-reading material

On enrolling in the course you get the access of the pre-reading material

Live Interactions - Training

All the classes are held on the online platform with break-out rooms.

Experiential Learning

Learn in the workshops and solve real-time problems.


Concepts of collecting data, analysing and presentation

Reporting frameworks and guidelines

Conceptualization ability to undertake an impact assessment

Planning for your organization in pandemic times

Skills to communicate change and social impact


CSR departments, NGOs, Social enterprises, Students with an inclination towards the social sector, Philanthropic Organisations, Start-ups, Consulting Firms and Academia

21st to 26th September 2020

Recorded Course Fee - INR 5000

About Trainer 

Dr. K.K Upadhyaya

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay, an alumnus of Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience across government, not-for-profits and corporate. 

He has pioneered several innovative successful models that exist in the development sector today; including Mother Dairy Fruits and Vegetable - “Safal”; an integrated rural water supply, sanitation project for 1000 villages and 10 towns in Rajasthan – “Aapni Yojana”; Bastar Integrated Development Project for Royal Danish Embassy and Health of the urban poor program for USAID/ PFI.

He has been an expert with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, was on board of National Trust, Jan Sthirta Kosh, Global Compact Network. He has conducted and commissioned research studies for USAID, UNDP and IIED London. Dr. Upadhyay headed the FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence. At present he is Director with Centre for Social Review (CSR).

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