Project management

The course is designed to train people on project management basics, implementation and reporting. This course takes you to the intricacies of project management and enables you to foresee challenges and find prior solutions for smooth functioning of the project. It also trains you with tools such as Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methodology to prepare you to communicate with the rural, urban slums and other stakeholders to prepare comprehensive studies and find solutions. The course is the fundamental course for all the people in CSR and Sustainability.

Schedule: 21st to 25th March 2021 - 2 hours everyday

NOW AT:  INR 9995/- (excl taxes)

Course Curriculum

Session 1
  • Indian CSR Laws and Projects applicable
  • Revisiting the Indian CSR Laws
  • Aligning the Sustainability and CSR projects with business verticals
  • Responsible Business - Project selection indicators and criteria
  • Problem Statement to be given - Group Formation – Q&A
  • Presentation 1
  • Assessment 1
Session 2
  • Project Planning, designing and alignment
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Measuring indicators, KPI project-wise
  • Participatory rural appraisal (PRA) approach
  • What - Why - When - How - Types - Process flow - Outcomes - Reporting
  • Presentation 2
  • Assessment 2
Session 3: Roundtable with Thought Leaders
  • Understanding perspective from diverse dimensions
  • Basics of Communications with Stakeholders
  • Designing - Planning - Budget allocation - Implementation - define KPI - outcome - reporting
  • Presentation 3
  • Assessment 3
Session 4
  • Project execution - Defining Key performance indicators
  • Delegating work
  • Measurement tools of the progress
  • Building roadmaps and benchmarks
  • Reporting methodologies and Technological tools
  • Presentation 4
  • Assessment 4
Session 5
  • Case studies of corporates, NGOs, Government agencies in Project management
  • Group Project Presentations

Outcomes expected:

- It would empower with the intricate knowledge of project management

- Communication with diverse stakeholders

- Principles of successful project execution

- Reporting tools and techniques available in technological domain


Large scale multi-nationals, MSMEs, Social entrepreneurs, students interested in increasing knowledge on sustainable development.

Case studies

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

Instant Access to the course -       pre-reading material

Course completion certificate post successful completion

Live interaction benefits via video and audio coaching from our expert

Community support and group learning experience with a vibrant group of like-minded students

Recorded Videos and presentations post the successful completion of the course

Schedule: 21st to 25th March 2022 - 2 hours everyday

NOW AT:  INR 9995/-


Dr KK Upadhyay

Dr Mona Nagorwala

Dr Smriti Pahwa

Mr Adil Firoze

Dr Sushil Kumar Sharma 

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