Live and Recorded Online Masters in CSR and Sustainability Certificate Course

 Joint certificate - IICSR and MEPSC

(A sector skills council under Ministry of Skills development and entrepreneurship)

Recorded available and Live from 18th May to 10th November 2024

Course Fee - $1495 or INR 1,20,000 (excl taxes)

Job assistance provided

Achala Scholarship from $300 or INR 25,000 available. Please forward your CV to [email protected]

Let the Sustainable transformation begin!

Get your Masters in CSR and Sustainability - NOW! and qualify for the job role of Head of CSR and Sustainability

The course is comprehensively designed and targets people from different sectors. It trains people the basic level courses to advanced level. The course duration is 220 hours which is followed by placements/internships/journal publications/working with International practitioners and more.

To avail scholarships, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

Course Curriculum

Introduction to CSR and Sustainability
Reporting and Measurement Tools - Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Strategic CSR Communications
Social Entrepreneurship
NGO Fundraising and Branding
Value creation by ESG reporting
SDG Mapping and Measurement
Transforming Sustainably: Leadership to Management (Base and Advanced) by Dr. Michael Hopkins
Impact Assessment
Impact Investment
ESG Introduction to Implementation
CSR and human rights (elective)
Corporate Energy Management governance framework (elective)
Reporting and Measurement tools - Sustainability Indices

In-depth Knowledge

IICSR is the only place which offers in-depth knowledge about Responsible business practices and CSR and Sustainability. 

Masters course is designed for you to learn from basics to advanced level courses in 220 hours.

Sharp Content
Learn what you Aspire!

Research Publication
Social innovation and R&D

Hybrid Learning 
Online/Offline (optional)

Ground experience
Project site visits

Comprehensive Learning

We design and offer innovative subjects to fulfill contemporary market requirements. Our trainers are industry practitioners with more than a decade of experience.

Industry Exposure

We aim to give maximum industry exposure by engaging with industry practitioners and enabling project site visits/stay opportunities. Thus building a strong industry linkage.

Placement Assistance

Post the completion of the course we offer placement assistance to successful candidates or the opportunity to publish in research papers and submit a thesis under the guidance of world leaders.

The sustainable transformation has begun. Are you becoming a joining us?

Learn from the Masters to earn a Masters certificate in CSR and Sustainability. The most comprehensive course online with a diverse set of trainers bringing the best knowledge and rich experiences of the world to this platform.

Course Fee -Course Fee - $1495 or INR 1,20,000 (excl taxes)

Achala Scholarship of $300 or INR 25,000 available. Please forward your CV to [email protected]

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