Introduction to CSR And sustainability

Learn the basics -

- Application of CSR and Sustainability in the Management Verticals
- Reporting and Measurement Tools
- CSR and Sustainability Communication
- Social Entrepreneurship
- Fundraising for NGOs

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Course Curriculum

Introduction and Application to CSR and Sustainability in Management Verticals
  • Definition and History of CSR Globally
  • Indian CSR Law - in-depth Analysis
  • Relevance CSR for Core Business Success.
  • CSR and Business Competitiveness.
  • Government Notifications
  • Video Session 1
  • Assessment 1
CSR and Sustainability Measurement Tools
  • 1.Background - CSR and Sustainability
  • 2.Impact Assessment tools
  • 3. Framework and guidelines - ISO 26000
  • 4.UN Global Compact principles, Sustainable Development Goals, Global Reporting Initiative
  • 5.CSR-Sustainability Reporting MCA, BRR, IR, Social Audit
  • Tata Motors Video
  • All the presentations for the course
  • Video 2
  • Assessment 2
Social Entrepreneurship
  • What is Social Entrepreneurship?
  • Where is SE relevant? Who could be involved in SE?
  • When is it prudent to address SE, How to go about SE?
  • Why is SE being talked about? Why is SE important?
  • Video 3
  • Assessment 3
CSR and Sustainability Communications
  • Strategic communication and Engaging stakeholders
  • Create value for an organization
  • Concepts of sustainability communications Impact
  • Video 4
  • Assessment 4(A) - Role of CSR communications
  • Assessment 4
NGO Fundraising
  • Why not feel guilty about fundraising?
  • Characteristics of various funding sources, Typical examples of funding sources
  • NGOs preparedness and Strategy for different kinds of donors
  • Corporate and Retail fundraising - decoded
  • Anecdotes from my own experience - What works?
  • Funding funnel - Effort vs Result
  • Participant Resource - Don't feel guilty about fundraising
  • Participant Resource - Fundraising Life-cycle
  • Participant Resource - Course PPT
  • Assessment 5
  • Video 5

Start your journey towards CSR and Sustainability.

Learn the basic theory of CSR and Sustainability and applicability in an organization. The start to the end of the CSR Lifecycle to build a Sustainable complaint future.

Introduction to CSR and Sustainability
NGO Fundraising
CSR and Sustainability Communication
CSR and Sustainability Management Tools
Sustainable Development

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