GHG Accounting and Carbon markets practitioner (B2)  

Course Objective :

GHG Emissions and Carbon markets play vital roles in measuring and curtailing carbon emissions. Climate change can only be monitored and controlled if both concepts are understood and implemented well.

Greenhouse gas accounting is a way companies can measure how many overall emissions they produce and emit into the atmosphere. GHG accounting is helpful for states, organisations, and individuals, such as potential investors or stakeholders, to delineate how many emissions a company is responsible for using carbon credits.

Carbon Markets are instrumental in aligning environmental sustainability with business growth. This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts and their practical applications in the business world.

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm IST

Date: Monday 16th December to Friday 20th December 2024

Fees: INR 12000+ Taxes

Recorded: INR 5000+taxes

 Course Outcome 

  • NetZero concept
  • GHG accounting and protocol
  • SCOPE 1,2,3 emissions
  • Calculate GHG emission
  • GHG Inventory management
  • Carbon markets: carbon offsetting and neutrality
  • Case studies: BPCL, ESB Electricals


Prof Sapna Narula


Mr Ashish Gupta


Mr. Alok Panigrahi


Mr. Himanshu Arora



  Chartered accountants


  Head CSR and Sustainability  

  ESG practitioners  


Course Curriculum


How The Course Benifits You

Flexibility & convenience of time and space

A gold-standard certification signifies of excellence and reliability in a particular field

Access to expertise & world-class curriculum, comparable to any other globally recognised qualification

Enjoyment and confidence in buying, food and talking restaurant

Optimal pricing with maximum value; achieving the best costs for efficiency and effectiveness

Credibility & career advancement opportunities


Students who have benefitted from our courses

Abhirami Arunachalam

MESG Student

I am a student of IICSR. I did my Masters in ESG here. So I have been working in sustainability domain for three years and I wanted to venture into ESG.IICSR was my go to place because I have experience faculty And practical explosure here . especiallyI loved my classes with Vidya sir who had made it much more simpler to understand the basics so that I would be able to take the advance level course and complete my master's in a very happy way. So, anybody who's not come to IICSR I would suggest to join IICSR group. Thank you .  


Sundharesan Jayamoorthi

Advanced Certified ESG Student

I have completed my advanced course from Iicsr and this is a course which is a must if you are going to pursue a career in ESG and something more on sustainability. It's a course which is filled with a lot of practical examples, and there are experienced faculty, so don't miss to go through this course conducted by Iicsr . 

Satyam Palaspagar

MESG Student

Hi everyone, it's Satya from Mumbai. I've been working in the social development sector for 14 years. I wanted to get into ESG and that's where I was introduced to IICSR by Harsha. I took admission. Initially it was just a 3 month program. It's not sufficient to get into ESG. But then, through my luck and Harsha is so kind to me that I got to work on few assignments. And I finally finished my master's course. The course is not just theoretical knowledge. There are lots of case studies. There are university players. The faculty are very expert having hands on experience of many years. And the people participating in the course, they come from various backgrounds, various expertise. It's been a great learning experience. And I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to get into ESG. I wish you all the best. Thank you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this program for?

  Chartered accountants, Directors, Head CSR and Sustainability, ESG practitioners, Consultants  

2. What if I am a working professional? Should I still pursue this course?

The course is designed for working professionals looking to up-skill themselves or people looking to change their field of expertise.    

3. What is the course objective?

This course comprehensively explores the major sustainability reporting standards adopted by industries globally. We delve into the theory in a case study format, providing a thorough understanding of these standards and their practical application. This course gives novices an entry point and structured learning with certificates to people with knowledge.

4. How does the course work?

Upon enrolment, the course including video presentation are made available to you for viewing. Please watch the video modules and learn the content.

5. How long is the course accessible for?

The course would be accessible for a minimum of 5 years of enrolment.

6.Do I need to start at a specific date?

You can start anytime you want, and you have five years of course access. During that period, you can watch the course as many times as you like.