Responsible Investments (Advanced)

Responsible Investment Advanced course has been designed to be a comprehensive program giving essential concepts and keys to understand the nature of ESG in the capital markets context as well as giving tools for ESG experts or future experts for they would be able to practically conduct diagnostic and analysis (ESG + Financial), perform valuation taking into account ESG and even being able to understand how ESG fund managers have been strategizing and what they are looking for. Finally we give indications on integration not only for Equity but for other types of Securities like Fixed Income. 

Schedule: 26th April to 1st May 2021 - 2 hours every day

Course Fee: INR 14945/- INR 9995

Course Curriculum

What ESG means for Social and Responsible Investment? - Theory and Presentations
  • Trend in AM / investment / disclosure from companies / systems to provide scoring data ranking bench
  • ESG more than CSR with Integration
  • ESG for which securities or investment instruments?
  • Investment process
How to conduct Financial Analysis including ESG - How to use the data
  • Concept of materiality and how the company are reporting E, S and G
  • Measuring Impacts on Revenue and Margins
  • What kind of tools to analyze a company from materiality
  • Diagnostic: Identifying the mega trend and the drivers from ESG
  • Analysis of ESG
  • How to perform the Valuation Process of a company with ESG Investment Strategy with ESG
  • Investors ESG reporting
Roundtable with Thought leaders
  • Is India ready for ESG investing?
  • The impact of COVID 19 on SRI?
Group Discussion and Case studies
  • Counter intuitive scoring
  • Equity ESG
  • ESG analysis in the case of Fixed Income
Workshops and Assessment session
Live Interactions with Global Changemakers

- Understanding ESG nature- Assessing risk and return 
- How ESG can apply for different securities 
- Style of ESG ESG investors and methods 
- How ESG impact the investment process 
- The reasons for ESG integration
- How to integrate practically ESG into financial modelling 
- How ESG can impact the valuation of a company 
- How to source the needed data to conduct analysis and valuation 
- How to go from qualitative analysis to quantitative analysis 


  • Students in disciplines like CSR, Finance and Economy 
  • Corporate executives working in Financial and Planning departments, CSR and Sustainability departments, Management
  • Practitioners in Finance and Capital markets (Wealth advisors and managers, Investment bankers, buy-side or sell-side Financial Analysts, Research Analysts, Fund managers, bankers, risk and compliance officers, etc...)

About Trainer

Ludivine Noirel

Ludivine has 19 years experience in the capital markets as an Equity Fund Manager and an investor in listed as well as private companies in Europe, India and South-East Asia. 

She heads Bridgeastern which a bridge accelerator company between Asia, Europe and the US but also an investment vehicle. 

She is venture partners associated with few VC in Europe and in the US, like Ahimsa Capital

Schedule: 26th April to 1st May 2021 - 2 hours every day

Course Fee: INR 14945/- INR 9995

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