Certified ESG Practitioner

This is a  specialised ESG practitioner course prepares you to build confidence and lead in integrating ESG in a company’s business operations and also to transition from conventional management to ESG aspects towards ESG compliant companies and to make informed decisions in your ESG portfolio for investments.

3 months - Weekends (4-5 hours)

Workshop Fee per attendee: INR 50,000 (exl taxes)

Course Curriculum

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ESG Integration in companies
ESG as a Financial Tool
ESG Rating, Frameworks and Reporting


Understand ESG and sustainability concepts

Understand materiality and double materiality concepts

Build an ESG compliant company

Integrating the concepts of ESG in business

Learn to create ESG Investment portfolios

Understand Reporting Frameworks - GRI, IR, SASB, BRSR, etc.

ESG Rating mechanisms and indices - MSCI, Sustainalytics, 

Impact measurement



CSR and Sustainability professionals

Business Analysts


Business management students



Integrating ESG in business
Create ESG investment portfolio
ESG rating tools
ESG Frameworks


Ms. Tejaswini Kamat:

Expert in ESG and Impact

16 years subject expertise 


Mr Jangoo Dalal:  

Co Founder GovEva    

34 years industry expertise


Mr. R Vidyanath:

ESG Expert 

12 years subject expertise     


Mr Narendra Tiwari:

ESG Expert

15 years industry expertise