Climate Change and Environment Management - 1

Restore Climate 

Course Duration: 24th to 29th May 2021 - 2 hours per day for 5 days 

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Climate change impacts are being felt all around us – rising temperatures and changing precipitation are increasing the risks of floods, droughts, and heat waves for example. These have the potential to adversely impact lives, livelihoods and wellbeing of communities. Businesses and infrastructures are not spared either. This basic level course focuses on understanding the impacts of climatic change, and ways to both adapt, and develop targeted actions.    

Course Curriculum

Session 1: Climate Change - Theory - Presentation and Q
  • Current Knowledge - What do we know?
  • Reasons and impacts - Are we doing enough?
Session 1: Climate Change - Theory - Presentation and Q
  • Trends and projections: what can we expect by 2050?
  • How can we be prepared?
Round table discussion with Thought Leaders
  • What are sustainable actions?
  • Bridging the science-policy-practice gap
Group work, Case studies and Q
  • Policy design 
  • How to identify gaps – are the existing frameworks working optimally?
  • Working towards sustainable development
Workshop and Practical Implementation
  • Learning from a case study
  • Analyzing the State Action Plans on Climate Change of the Indian Himalayan region, and way forward
Live Interactions with Global Change makers and Felicitations

Pre-reading material

On enrolling in the course you get the access of the pre-reading material

Live Interactions - Training

All the classes are held on the online platform with break-out rooms.

Experiential Learning

Learn in the workshops and solve real-time problems.


Dr Nishikant Gupta

Dr Nishikant Gupta’s decade long experience working on biodiversity, environmental sustainability and climate change in both LDC and MDC countries has enhanced resilient practices by bridging the science-policy-practice gap. He has developed and managed several projects across international organizations to strengthen ecosystem services, livelihoods, and holistic biodiversity conservation which directly feed into policy formulation. He has also initiated crucial interdisciplinary collaborations at various levels of governance and provided novel solutions which address major ecological and socio-economic challenges in Asia, Europe and Australia aided by 36 scientific publications and 44 diverse sets of knowledge products. He now aims to scale-up and scale-out climate adaptation solutions, understand vulnerabilities and opportunities and develop path-breaking policy documents to boost existing conservation programmes leading to long-term sustainability.


Affiliation: Department of Geography and Environmental Management, the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, United Kingdom


  • Understanding climate change – trends and projections until 2050

  • Climate change impacts on key sectors

  • Identifying gaps, and bridging the science-policy-practice divide

  • Developing solutions for a climate-secure future


  • Corporates – Multinationals
  • CSR Practitioners
  • Entrepreneurs, MSMEs
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Public Officials
  • NGOs and Social Enterprises

Course Duration: 22nd to 29th May 2021 - 2 hours per day for 5 days 

NOW AT INR 9995/- (taxes excl)

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