Climate Chage


Discuss solutions to tackle climate change problem

Elaborate on developing frameworks on ESG

Explain types of pollution

Discuss ways to mitigate climate change

How to achieve NET ZERO?

Impact measurement

Circular economy

Workshop Fee per attendee: INR 5000 or $95

Course Curriculum

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Day 1
  • Introduction to climate,Kinds of pollutants, Why now - KYOTO Protocol, Paris climate ACCORD and more
  • Key terms and definitions to know - NETZero, CDP, TCFD, Carbon emissions
  • Video 1
Day 2
  • 33 industries and their types of pollutants
  • How to build an acceptable ESG and SDG framework to achieve NetZero?
  • Video 2
Day 3
  • Carbon Disclosure project - measuring carbon emissions, carbon trading, international standards
  • Roundtable with Thought leaders
  • Video 3
Day 4
  • TCFD Framework, its importance and implementation
  • What is the Circular economy and integrating it in the present business practices and day to day lif
  • Social innovations address climate change
  • Video 4
Day 5
  • Case studies of leading company achieving NetZero Build a strategy to achieve Netzero in your compan
  • Expert talk Group Presentation
  • Video 5 - 1
  • Video 5 - 2
Comprehensive presentations and assessment
  • Presentations
  • Assessment 1


Head of sustainability and CSR

Climate change enthusiasts



Students/ Researchers

Achieve NET ZERO
Circular Economy
Pollution Types
Impact measurement
Defining KPIs
Frameworks on ESG and SDGs

About Expert Faculty

Prof. Sapna Narula

Dean School of Management studies at Nalanda University

Prof. Sapna A. Narula is a well-known academician / researcher/practitioner in sustainability who has made immense contribution to the field of sustainability in business landscape through her teaching, research and consultancy efforts. She has also played a key role in advancing education for sustainability in India through a number of initiatives targeted at raising awareness generation and capacity building amongst corporates, youth, managers and policy-makers.

Her previous work experience include working at TERI School of Advanced Studies where she was heading Department of Business & Sustainability alongside being engaged in teaching and research related to business sustainability. Before TERI SAS, she has also worked with College of Agribusiness Management, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand where she provided leadership to the Centre for Management Development and Centre for Placement and Counselling besides postgraduate teaching and research on agribusiness and food supply chains

Through her career span of 21 years in University postgraduate teaching and research & industry, she has taught a number of courses to masters and PhD programmes viz. Business Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Business Strategy, Business, Natural Ecosystems & Community, ICTs for Development, Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Marketing, Food Retail and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management. Besides this, she was also involved in designing new academic programmes such as MBA (Business Sustainability), MBA (Infrastructure) MBA (Agribusiness), MBA (Food Retail & Supply Chain), MBA for engineers; restructured these programmes from time to time based on feedback from Industry, academicians, alumni and students. Her academic contribution also extends to launching a number of unique interdisciplinary courses, experimenting with innovative pedagogy and learning techniques and design of case studies on sustainability. On an average, she has taught 10 credits per year with the teaching feedback scores ranging from very good to excellent.

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