ESG Strategy 101

To build a company adhering to the expectations of stakeholders on ESG is an intensive task. In this workshop we enable companies to develop bespoke ESG frameworks to match the stakeholder expectations and demonstrate success for contribution towards the sustainable development goal in a profitable and impact oriented way.

This 2 days workshop would empower you to develop an ESG framework for your company and keep it evolving with changing times.

Date: 18th to 22nd March 2024

Time:  5:00 pm to 7:00 pm PST

Mode: Online on Zoom live session 


Individual: $195

Group (2+): $150


Basics of ESG
How to define KPI of E,S and G verticals
Umbrella indicators in global reporting formats
Ways to align and integrate in the bespoke industry
Building ESG roadmap and strategy for the respective company
Deciding the success indicators by measuring and monitoring


Course content
Case studies
Group discussion
Project work and simulations
Access to IICSR Alumni International network group
1 year subscription to Sustainolux job portal
Access to recorded course on LMS for 5 years
Certificate from IICSR Group

Course Curriculum




Lead Faculty

Caroline Shalitari, Founder Nascent


Caroline Shalitari, MSc, navigated a graceful shift from being a Merchant Navy Ship's Pilot to becoming a Life Mission Coach and Social Innovation Professor. Her journey unfolds across realms of militarism, Silicon Valley, and the pristine reserve forest in the Chilean Andes, seamlessly blending leadership, cutting-edge innovation, and immersive holistic practices. Trained amidst mountainous terrains by Native spiritual leaders and collaborating with elite executives and coaches globally, MSc Caroline has left a lasting impact, collaborating with prestigious entities such as the United Nations, Microsoft Partner, Google, a Social Impact Startup Incubator in Silicon Valley, MIT Press Review Partner, among others. At the heart of her transformative approach lies Nascent, a methodology empowering leaders to fulfill their profound life purpose by authentically integrating positive impact into their path to business success.