Business and Human Rights

Course Fee - $59.95 or INR 5000/-

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Human Rights is the basis for social development linked with the growth of the company. There are tools available to understand the risk assessment for Human Rights and enable your company to be compliant with Human Rights framework in India and at International level. CSR and Human rights course empowers a company with the knowledge to address the immediate, long standing and future issues which could come due to human rights violations.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Existing Frameworks
  • What is the definition of Human rights?
  • Who is it for in your ecosystem?
  • Why do we need it today?
  • Existing Human Rights Frameworks UNGP , ILO, OECD Guidelines
  • Strategy and approach to implement Human rights framework in your company
  • Video Session 1
Session 2
  • Identifying Human Rights and aligning with Business
  • Types of Human Rights Violations: Gender Inequality, Child Rights, Forced Slavery, Forced Migration
  • Stakeholder Mapping and aligning Human Rights with Business
  • Video Session 2
Roundtable with Thought Leaders
  • Corporates perspective on implementing Human Rights
  • Trade Unions, Associations perspective on the implementation issues
  • Video Session 3
Session 4
  • India and International standpoint on Human Rights
  • Indian Government Business and Human Rights - National Action Plan (NAP) 2020
  • Case Study - Indian Company (Success and Failure) (2)
  • International Human Rights challenges Case Study - MultiNational (Success and Failure)
  • Human Rights in the Digital Era
  • Video Session 4
Session 5
  • Human Rights - Strategy to Implementation steps
  • Build Human Rights implementation strategy, Execution plan , Communication models and tools
  • Group Presentations
  • Video 5
  • Comprehensive Course Material from Session 1 to 5
  • Assessment

Learning Outcomes 


Learn about the International frameworks in Human Rights and how to implement in your company.

Case Studies 

Learn about the success and learnings while dealing with Human Rights issues by the corporates.  

Human Rights and Business

Understand Human rights risk while doing business for the internal and external stakeholders.

Target Audience

Manufacturing, Retail, Mining, Chemicals and other companies involved with dealing with production of hazardous products or in hazardous conditions.

Health and Safety executives

CSR and Sustainability Heads

Fees per candidate: $59.95 or INR 5000/-


 The workshop is brought to you by IICSR and Global Business Initiative of Human Rights (GBIHR)

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